The Prayer Series


In this groundbreaking series, Bishop Dawson deals with the most fundamental of spiritual disciplines—prayer.

While most believers understand the necessity for prayer, many of those same believers reach ‘dry seasons’ where their prayer life wanes. And where that isn’t the case, there are those who simply struggle with how to pray and what to pray. Consequently, this leads to a frustration with prayer—leading ultimately, to a non-existent pray life. If prayer is the “fuel” of our spiritual lives, then looked at on a larger scale, the body of Christ is then rendered ineffective when our prayer life struggles.

This series is power-packed to refuel anyone who’s aiming to strengthen the intimacy of their prayer life and their relationship with God!



“Does Prayer Really Work”
“The Prerequisites to Answered Prayer”
“The True Essence of Partnership”
“The Right Kind of Faith”
“The Right Kind of Prayer”
“The Effective Use of the Word”
“The Prophetic Nature of Prayer”


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