The Church Is Talking . . .
Is Anybody Listening Series


Beyond any shadow of doubt, we are living in changing times.  Issues existing in today’s society, such as the MeToo Movement, abuse, misogyny and violence are at an all time high.  Immigration and undocumented individuals are hot button issues.  These and other serious and pertinent subjects are being discussed everyday in the media and other groups.  And while all of these things were prophesied and anticipated throughout Scripture, it appears to some that the church is silent on these very real and relevant issues.  The question becomes, if God sent men to both prophesy and write about the times to come that we are experiencing, what does the Bible have to say about the things that CNN, Fox News, and local media outlets are discussing everyday?  Is there a word from the Lord?  What is desperately needed in this day and time are “truth tellers,” who will speak truth to power and courageously confront topics that would otherwise be “taboo” in many of today’s pulpits.  Bishop Dawson does just that in this series!  He empathetically deals with the subject of abuse in “What Does the Church Have to Say About the MeToo Movement?” He embraces the idea of diversity in his message, “What Does the Church Have to Say About Immigration?” Finally, he deals with the issue of injustice and social justice in “What Does the Church Have to Say About Injustice?” This provocative series will absolutely challenge you!

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